Tuesday 19 November 2013

Ways to annoy an autocrat, or How not to be accountable by THL Asa Gormsdottir

Before the event:
-          When invited to participate, smugly tell the autocrat you are philosophically opposed to the event’s concept
-          Take on a role, then forget all about it
-          Avoid event planning meetings “because you’re too busy”
-          Ignore event announcements/website. Instead, call the autocrat late at night and ask stupid questions.

During the event:
-          Forget to bring what you promised, arrive late, then deny you were ever asked
-          On arrival, criticize the site’s attributes and say you know a far better venue. Even though you were silent during site discussions.
-          Insist the directions to the site are “wrong” even though no one else had a problem.
-          Demand free admittance “because I’m helping/I’m a single parent/I don’t have any money on me”, even though the autocrat paid full site fee.
-          Block registers and heaters with your bags, then complain that the site is too cold.
-          Interrupt the autocrat and ask if they are having “fun”
-          Offer “helpful suggestions” to improve their next event. Tell the autocrat you can do it better.
-          Question the autocrat’s motives for running the event – to their face
-          If you’re working troll, leave your table unattended. Ignore the autocrat’s instructions. Forget about the NMS. Make up your own fees. Mishandle change. Steal.
-          Complain about the food and its cost. If the food is on time, say it’s too fast/too much. If the food is a bit delayed, make faces at your fellow guests and tell off your server. Never help serve. Leave your food scraps on the table.

After the event:
-          Forget your promise to help with take-down/clean-up, as you rush out to the post-rev. Or, stand around chatting and watch the autocrat cleaning on their hands and knees.
-          If you lost in a competition, blame the autocrat

-          Be difficult about turning in receipts or filing your own reports. If given a deadline, ignore the autocrat’s instructions, dump the material on a handy bystander and then claim innocence when the report goes in late.

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