Ealdormere Blogs

The blogs in this list belong to citizens of the kingdom of Ealdormere (and friends) and are listed alphabetically by their owner's SCA name.

Alais de Poitiers - Alais' White Wolf Fian Challenge

Amelye of the Shire - The Textile Alchemist

Ana Ianka Lisitsina - Ana Ianka

Anne of Saffron Walden - Mostly about Flax

Caleb Reynolds - Caleb's A&S Blogs

Catherine Townson - A Day in the Life

Christine Weatherly - Christine Weatherly

Colyne Stewart - Colynesburg

Dafydd ap Alan - Leather Goods for the Discerning Kraken

Darius the Dancer - Youtube channel

Dietrich von Sachsen - Youtube channel

Einar Josepsson - Just Another SCA-related Blog Thing

Elsebeth Farberyn - kithandkinsite

Eluned verch Angor - Bein Husfreyja

Emelote of Calais - Emelote's A&S Challenges
                             - The Capricious Sting

Emer ingean Uí Áedán - Bardic Song

Fáelán Ruadh ua Aodha - SCA Arts Science
                                       - Canadian Mutt

Finnvarr de Taahe - Muhlberger's World History

Fulk Beauxarmes - Vert, a Maunche within a Bordure Argent

Gwendolyn of Aldburg - Ealdormere Lego Project

Heather Dale - Youtube channel

Katerucia Mountague di sant'Elena - Fabriholic

Lucia de Enzinas - Meddling Meddlars

Lucia Moranza - Adventures in A&S

Merewen de Sweynesheie - Nightfall (A&S Blog)

Muirenn ingen Morgair - Wyrtwiching

Orla O'Shannahan - Orla's White Wolf Fian Challenge

Richard Larmer - Youtube channel

Sciath ingen Chaennaig - Experimenting with the Medieval

Siglinde Harfnerstochter - Siglinde's Art Blog

Song Zidie - Tang Girls Have More Fun
                   - Pinterest

Tempus Peregrinator - The Weeb Site

Valdr Jarnsmithr - The Oak and Hammer Forge

Wencenedl of Rokesburg - Romanesque Clothing of 12th Century Europe
                                         - Wencenedl's Closet

Widow Kate - youtube channel

Yvette de Sancler - WovenBands

Þorfinna gráfeldr - Þorfinna er Sted

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